About Us

We are Feed.

We are friends who met over ten years ago when we worked for a marketing and events agency in London and have been best buddies ever since! With a wealth of experience in curating events for global brands we have joined forces to launch Feed.

Gemma is based in Brighton, and has experience working as a private chef alongside her profession in advertising. She has catered for dinner parties and corporate weekends away in France and trained with Rouxbe Culinary School.

Sarah left London to live in Bristol and is currently training full time to be a nutritionist. 

We create real unpretentious food and run delicious events all year round, sharing our knowledge of food and nutrition. We want to empower people to be more confident in choosing the best ingredients to feed their body throughout the year in line with the seasons.

Summer – Feed Your Skin
Autumn – Feed For Winter
Winter – Feed Your Happy
Spring – Feed to Cleanse

We hope you enjoy our content! Thanks for visiting our blog.